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Adam Alexander & Associates enjoy a great reputation amongst their clients.
The AA&A team pride themselves on providing the highest quality Human Resources services.


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"Adam Alexander & Associates has been developing, implementing and administering my company’s human resources management for over eight years. His dedication to professional, expedient, cost effective and results orientated service is outstanding. I attribute my company’s success to his direct input, recommendations and outstanding human resources management knowledge, skills and business acumen. Bill Gallis was directly responsible, through his Executive Recruitment and human resource management programs, e.g. HR polices, performance management, salary administration, etc., in assisting us in the development of our successful team. We are pleased and continue to utilize Mr. Gallis’s human resources management services. I strongly recommend Adam Alexander & Associates to any organization."

Mike Kennedy
CEO, President
ARAS360 Technologies Inc.

"I contracted AA&A to develop my company's personnel policies and procedures, develop job descriptions and manage a recruitment assignment. On this basis I have a high regards for Mr. Gallis' knowledge, professionalism and commitment to providing quality Human Resources Management consulting services."

Mark Strate
The Fireplace Centre

"AA&A were successful in bidding and obtaining an Industrial Adjustment contract to develop specific components of an on-going resource management program for my organization.
...His contributions at Creative Connectors Corp. have earned him respect from all employees."

Lyle Enns
President & CEO
Creative Connectors Corp.

"His contributions in the Human Resources field has earned him respect both from the management and employee prospective."

Gian S. Sandhu
President & General Manager

"It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Gallis as he maintains a strong level of professionalism and knowledge of any and all issues regarding Human Resources. He also has a keen sense of responsibility and the ability to provide leadership in dealing with the many complexities of Human Resource Management."

Iris Davies
Advisory Board Chairperson
North Shore Community Centre

"AA&A's combined education and experience in over-all human resources issues enabled Mr. Gallis to achieve a great deal in a relatively short time frame."

John Mathews

"Dynamic manufactures custom windows and doors and employs approximately 120 people. The Union has been certified as bargaining agent for Dynamic employees for less than two years and there has most certainly been struggles and challenges associated with the introduction of this new structure.

AA&A assisted the management team in the midst of this transition and proved to be an effective force for improvement. AA&A delicately and professionally handled their dual role of advocate for the workers, on one hand, and spokesperson for management on the other. I was also impressed by their commitment to fairly and expeditiously resolve conflicts or concerns."

Ken Baerg
BC Representative
CAC Local 44


"[Mr. Gallis] is a hard working, results oriented person with an obvious community commitment. He was given the executive search assignment to find a Director for the North Shore Community Centre. This was somewhat of a difficult task in that two fellow board members were also applicant for the position. As it turned out, neither of these two people were selected for the job, but both of them made a point of mentioning that they thought they were treated fairly, and were impressed with the organization of the application and selection process."

John H O'Fee


"AA&A staff posses excellent people skills. They compiled comprehensive job descriptions for each position within the Society, designed and implemented an effective recruitment and selection process which has provided the Society with exceptional personnel."

Naomi Butner
Lacey Seniors Society


"Over the 6 months that we worked with AA&A, Mr. Gallis always conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner and dealt with every aspect on a prompt and professional level.

Mr. Gallis has an outstanding organizational talent and communication skills ands is able to complete multiple tasks despite deadline pressure. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge he might face.

It is for these reasons that I highly recommend the services of AA&A without reservation. Bill's knowledge and abilities will truly be an asset to any organization."

Brett Shepherd
EPIC Industries Inc.