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Employee Orientation

Newly hired employees are seldom capable of fully performing their job duties. The gap between a new
employee's abilities and the job demands may be substantial. An orientation program supplements the new
employee’s abilities and develops a balance between what the new employee can do and what the job
demands. Orientation programs familiarize new employees with their roles, organizational issues, and with
other employees. The orientation program helps an individual understand the social, technical and cultural
aspects of the new work place and thus acceptance into the work group. Consider the benefits of an
employee orientation program:

  • Clearly conveyed standards for performance
  • Provides a consistent message to all employees
  • Aids in the understanding and adherence to organizational policies and rules
  • Lowers the employee’s feelings of isolation, apprehension and anxiety
  • Become part of the organization quicker by feeling more secure and more like they belong
  • Better able to learn their new duties, with less anxiety
  • Develop realistic job expectations and identify with company’s goals
  • Reduced turnover and greater productivity
  • Leads to improved profitability

If you are concerned about your organization’s attraction and retention practices an Employee Orientation Programs is a cost-effective way to begin.