Health and Safety programs

Occupational Health & Safety Program

Successful businesses realize that health and safety is more than a legal obligation. Workplace injuries and illness can be devastating for any business.  When a worker suffers an injury or illness, there is a personal loss that can’t be measured in dollars.  For your business, that injury can mean the loss or absence of a valued employee with specialized knowledge and skills. 

Consider the costs associated with a workplace injury:

  • Additional training of new employees or temporary help
  • Damage to property, equipment or product
  • Downtime for other workers
  • Valuable time to complete related paper work
  • Increased WCB premiums
  • Lower morale and productivity
  • Disruption in production scheduling
  • Prosecution and fines
  • Impact on the worker's life

Protecting workers from injury and illness isn’t just the law; it’s also the right thing to do.  Informed employers realize that health and safety is good business, and that safety pays in more ways than one.  A safe business is usually a successful business. Many businesses, large and small, have found that the quality of their product(s) improve with a proper safety program in place. Like quality, safety has to start at the top with management leadership and commitment. Developing and maintaining an effective OH&S program, with high standards of performance will result in identifying workplace hazards and reducing workplace injuries and illness.

Whether your organization is large or small, the following points are essential:

  • Sincere and active management leadership
  • Desire for a safe and healthy workplace
  • Effective training and supervision of workers
  • Active participation and cooperation between management and workers