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Policy and Procedures Manual

The purpose of a Human Resources Policy & Procedures Manual is to provide an organization with a systematic approach to administering personnel policies and practices.  A policy manual should be designed as a fundamental communications tool for members of management to help clarify policies and practices and thus prevent morale problems, complaints and grievances before they arise.  There are a number of tangible and intangible benefits from developing a policy manual, they are:

  • Peace of mind, which takes place of the headaches and indecisions
  • Provides management with a clear explanation of all existing human resources policies and procedures
  • Promotes fairness and order in the treatment of employees
  • Provides a method of communication between management and the employees
  • Helps set standards of work
  • Helps create a fair method of dealing with the failure to observe policies
  • Provides written documentation of good faith in providing fair employment practices

If you are concerned about creating a fair work environment that employees will enjoy and commit to,  then a HR policy and procedures manual is a necessity. Providing your organization with this fundamental communications tool, will provide a clear understanding of what is expected behaviour as well as create transparency between the leaders and the employees.