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Our Executive Search Process:

Project Initiation and Research

As a first step in the engagement, we meet with the client to confirm the terms of the assignment, establish reporting relationships, and time frames. We will conduct interviews to determine and gain a clear understanding of your entire business, including vision, goals, and a detailed understanding of the position itself and its context in the organization.

Comprehensive Position Profiles

Develop comprehensive position profiles that become part of the advertisement used to target and attract
the qualifications and candidates you want; provide candidates with sufficient information to make an informed decision; and serve in the development of specific selection criteria.


If desired, we will draft and place advertisements. We are experienced in the development of advertising strategies and the preparation of advertising content. We will prepare a strategy and cost breakdown for your review and approval.

Candidate Sourcing / Headhunting

In addition to advertising, we will simultaneously attempt to identify potential candidates through target marketing, reviewing our current candidate files, industry contacts and networking.

Candidate Screening

We will conduct a preliminary assessment of all resumes and categorize the candidates. Utilizing the comprehensive position profiles we will develop a list of selection criteria to screen applicant resumes.

Initial Candidate Interviews – Long list

Upon assessing each candidate’s resume, we will conduct comprehensive screening interviews. Based on the information gathered during these interviews, we will provide an assessment of the candidates and recommendations for further action. This information will be used to help develop a shortlist of qualified candidates to be interviewed by the client.

Client Interview Arrangements

After selecting those candidates to be interviewed by our clients, we will make all the necessary interview arrangements. We are also prepared to assist by developing a competency based behaviourally-anchored finalist interview questionnaire to be used by the client.

Final Selection Assistance

Adam Alexander & Associates has an established process for helping clients in evaluating and ranking the finalist candidates. It involves the creation of a “candidate evaluation" form which is specific to the position being filled. Criteria are weighted and the client evaluates each candidate against each criterion to arrive at a total score. This score forms the basis for ranking the candidates and a discussion of key differences in perception. This process is useful in reaching a consensus, if there is more than one decision maker involved in the interviews. We can also act as a “non-voting” facilitator to help achieve a final decision.

Checking References

Adam Alexander & Associates regards it as absolutely critical that reference checks on the selected finalist be completed prior to a job offer being made. We are skilled at developing a precious reference guide and conducting these reference checks. These reference checks are conducted either in person or by telephone to obtain a greater depth of opinion than through a written format.

Timing, Fees and Expenses

While the length of time to complete an Executive Search can be highly elastic, it is our experience that at least one to two months is usually required to complete the work.

Our professional fee for Executive Search services is based on the degree of difficulty of the assignment, the amount of professional time taken to complete the work, the rate of the professional involved. We are prepared to discuss alternative professional fee options, depending on the nature of the assignment.

Expenses, such as newspaper advertisements, travel expenses, long distance calls and photocopying will be charged to the client at cost.


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