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Performance Management

Performance evaluation is the process by which organizations evaluate employee job performance.  This performance review process is intended to provide specific, accurate and timely feedback to each employee in order to ensure that:

  • Specific targets are established for the next time period of evaluation
  • Employees receive feedback on the areas in which improvement is required
  • Employees are reinforced for their “successes”
  • Consistent and reliable inputs are available for future compensation decisions

The organization’s purpose for evaluating the employee’s performance is to form a basis for attaining organizational goals through the improvement of job performance.  Specifically, performance evaluation serves the following purpose for management:

  • Measures and evaluates employee’s individual contribution thru goal setting 
  • Allows appropriate intervention to improve performance
  • Assess employee’s potential for advancement
  • Aids in the objective determination of salary increases
  • Facilitates employee development and improved performance
  • Provides a written record of your employee’s performance

Without an effective performance evaluation system, promotions, salary increases and other employee related decisions become subject to trial and error.  Providing ongoing feedback, recognition and acknowledgement is one of the most critical processes to retaining and engaging your employees.